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Work & Skilled migration

Australia has a skill labour shortage.

This shortage has come about for various reasons but the good news is that if you have skills Australia needs there are opportunities for overseas workers and their families to migrate and work in Australia, temporarily or permanently.

However the steps forward are not straight forward and this is where MyVisa as a registered migration agent can assist you.

The basic essentials:

  • The skill and visa processes are connected.

  • Non citizens entering and staying in Australia require a visa.

  • The genuine skill / labour shortage apply to specific occupations / skills with relevant qualifications and experience required.

  • Generally a work sponsor is required, applicants can nominate through government portals or respond to labour recruiter advertisements.

  • The applicant's qualifications / skills need be assessed to meet Australian standards.

  • The applicant need satisfy age, language, character and heath requirements.

  • Applicants can be in or outside Australia.

Maybe you can study in Australia to attain a skill or enhance your existing qualifications?

MyVisa can guide applicants through the process to success. 

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