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MyVisa can assist you with the following and more:
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To book a consultation online or in person go to contact page and send MyVisa a message. 

Visa types
Visa expiring or
Visa conditions
Your situation has
Your visa refused or cancelled

We recommend first contact with MyVisa by email or send a message from the contact page and briefly outline your requirements. 

All visas have conditions that must be met at time of application, time of decision and during your stay. Be aware of 'no further stay' condition which means you have very limited other visa options whilst still in Australia. Some visas also limit other visas you can apply for whilst still in Australia. It may also be possible to apply for 'waivers' as visa holder circumstances change unexpectedly so contact MyVisa for assistance

You maybe having a baby or change of address or relationship status or new passport, MyVisa can help you keep your visa information current.

Contact MyVisa quickly as possible to get advice on your options. If your stay becomes unlawful in Australia, it can seriously affect your future visa plans.

If your visa application is refused or your visa cancelled, you need to act quickly to benefit from any decision review options and to remain a lawful non-citizen whilst in Australia.

As a non Philippine citizen you may wish to marry, buy / lease property, retire, explore visa options, health insurance, drive in the Philippines, own a vehicle and more. If you are married to a Filipino citizen there are also visa benefits and MyVisa can assist.

Need a Bridging visa?
Need a Resident Return visa?
Are you Eligible NZ citizen?
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Most bridging visas are a last resort and in many cases keep you lawful whilst departing Australia. Some are automatically triggered whilst your visa application is considered should you no longer have a substantive visa.

Whilst you may be a permanent resident, you do not have unlimited travel privileges to re-enter Australia, especially if you are spending considerable time out of Australia.

Become a citizen 
English language testing 
Skills assessments

ENZC can sponsor family members and may have fast track access to Australian citizenship. 

Depending on your circumstance and visa history, you and family members maybe eligible to apply for Australian citizenship. Where your children born outside Australia or born in Australia while visiting?

English Language Testing has become a significant step for acquiring citizenship, work & skill visas, student visas, studying and working in Australia. There are various assessment options and scores necessary to achieve your goals.  

All work & skill migration will require your qualifications, skills and work experience to be assessed by the relevant professional, trade or industry body.

If you apply for certain temporary visa sub classes, for example a Student visa you will be asked to provide evidence of adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia.

All applicants for permanent and provisional visas including the main applicant, spouse and any members of the family unit must be assessed against the health requirement. In addition, in certain circumstances, family members who are not applying for the visa (non-migrating family members) will also be assessed against the health requirement. If you are applying for a temporary visa, the type of health examination you need to undergo will depend on a number of factors including length of stay and your country.

Everyone who wants to enter Australia must be of good character and will be assessed against the character requirements. As part of your visa application, you might be required to provide a police clearance certificate (Australian and overseas) or other evidence to satisfy the character requirements.

If you are a Philippine citizen you may need to register your marriage, obtain a NBI clearance, renew your drivers licence or passport or become a dual citizen.

Health checks
Police clearances
Philippine services
Living in the
Your client experience
To start your visa journey MyVisa can do an online appraisal (fee payable in advance and deducted from the fixed price quote on becoming a client) of your situation and provide preliminary advice. MyVisa will tell you at that stage if you have reasonable prospect of visa success. If you wish to proceed as a client MyVisa will provide fee estimate, consumer guide and client agreement. We then request more information from you including accompanying family members, do further research and provide a Letter of Advice outlining the way forward.
MyVisa will prepare and lodge your visa application/s then manage your case to decision with fixed quote professional fee, government visa application charge and sundry fees if applicable (for example health check, police clearances, English language test, skills assessment) payable by the client along the way.
MyVisa will keep you informed during the whole process, communicate on your behalf with Home Affairs and inform of their decision.
As a general principle permanent visas incur a higher professional fee then temporary visas and at any stage should the client decide not to continue, the client is refunded for any work paid for but not done, as set out in the client agreement and or fee estimate.
For your reassurance MyVisa can not accept a client ethically or lawfully if there is no reasonable prospect of success. Be mindful visa applicants must satisfy all visa criteria for their choice of visa, not just most criteria.
Step by Step case management of your visa or pathway (multiple visas)

Seek migration advice

Gather documents assessments, prepare application/sponsorship

Lodge application & pay visa charge

Application processing communicate immigration department

Visa decision

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