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If you want to visit, work, study or live in Australia, MyVisa can help you!



Seeking a visa for your partner, family, parents, children, studying, visiting, work & skilled migration, pathway to RESIDENCY, sponsoring or visa issues? 


MyVisa also looks after New Zealanders wanting to make  Australia home and citizenship.


MyVisa is an online migration service. Our clients can be anywhere in the world, besides 'bricks and mortar' approach to migration advice can add unnecessary cost for clients.

Re-imagine your life with MyVisa

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Gold Coast surfing, Queensland, Australia | 360 Video | Tourism Australia

Gold Coast surfing, Queensland, Australia | 360 Video | Tourism Australia

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Why use MyVisa a registered migration agent ?


  • MyVisa has experience and access to the migration law, case law and policy the immigration case officers use to assess your visa application. 

  • MyVisa is aware the cost of professional services can be a barrier to getting assistance so we can offer 'pay by instalments' of our fixed professional fee. And MyVisa consultation fee is FREE when you become a client, pay and it's deducted from the fee quote to manage your case. And MyVisa professional fees are low to mid point for the profession.

  • When immigration case officers receive your visa application from MyVisa they know all legal points are addressed and your documentation is in order. MyVisa then handles all communications from immigration on your behalf.

  • Any issues of concern you have with your eligibility or circumstance are addressed prior to visa application (if disclosed).

  • Migration law is dynamic and constantly changing, a "NO' yesterday maybe a "YES" today, so contact MyVisa to get the latest migration advice. 


And your MyVisa RMA is a post graduate qualified professional registered with OMARA.

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Regional pathway to residency for work and skill visas applicants is an exciting development as skills lists are flexible. 


New temporary parent visas are coming, allows up to 5 years stay at a time. Requires their Australian child as sponsor, need meet identity, character and health checks and hold health insurance for their period of stay.


Continuing changes to Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visas occurring, occupation list significantly reduced, limited exemptions English language testing, some occupations restricted to regional Australia.

457 visas abolished 18 March 2018, replaced by the new TSS visas with a 2 year short-term stream and 4 year medium-term stream.

Updated Skilled Occupation List 2018/19 coming.

Besides 4 years residency and English language competency to be required for citizenship, age limits of 'over 18' likely be removed for character requirements. New restrictions are in place for eligibility for children born in Australia to become citizens at the age of 10. 

Student visa health insurance is also required for accompanying family members.

RMAs can certify true copies of your documents and now Commonwealth Statutory Declarations can also be declared before your RMA.

For the protection of children, family sponsored visas require police clearances for the applicant and sponsor.

Current media reports that student visa holders may have to study in regional centres to alleviate the pressure on capital cities. Its not clear if the Gold Coast is a regional centre, with millions of dollars coming in from 28,000 international students, expected to grow to 35,000.

The new western Sydney airport will include an education precinct for local and international students.

Australia's visa framework is to be modernised, because of advances in digital technology it is envisaged significant streamlining of new and existing citizenship and visa holder processing will occur to facilitate better security and movement of people.   

From 9 December 2017, you can apply for a visa as your partner’s ‘spouse’ if you are in a same-sex marriage following the legalisation of same-sex marriage in Australia. Under the changes, if you are in a same-sex marriage you can apply for a visa as your partner’s ‘spouse’, rather than as their ‘de facto partner’.

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