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If you want to visit, work, study or live in               MyVisa can help you re-imagine your life !

Seeking a visa for your partner, family, parents, children, studying, visiting, work & skilled migration, pathway to RESIDENCY, sponsoring or visa issues?
Need advice on Australian border COVID travel restrictions or seeking an exemption? 
Need extend your stay in Australia, difficulty in returning home due to COVID-19?

MyVisa is an online migration service. Our clients can be anywhere in the world, besides
'bricks and mortar' approach to migration advice can add unnecessary cost for clients.

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Gold Coast surfing, Queensland, Australia | 360 Video | Tourism Australia

Gold Coast surfing, Queensland, Australia | 360 Video | Tourism Australia

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Please email your inquiries as we are out of the office for COVID, thank you.

Why use MyVisa a registered migration agent ?


  • MyVisa has experience and access to the migration law, case law and policy the immigration case officers use to assess your visa application. 

  • MyVisa is aware the cost of professional services can be a barrier to getting assistance so we can offer 'pay by instalments' of our fixed professional fee. And MyVisa consultation fee is FREE when you become a client, pay and it's deducted from the fee quote to manage your case. And MyVisa professional fees are low to mid point for the profession.

  • When immigration case officers receive your visa application from MyVisa all legal points are addressed and your documentation is in order. MyVisa then handles all communications from immigration on your behalf.

  • Any issues of concern you have with your eligibility or circumstance are addressed prior to visa application (if disclosed).

  • Migration law is dynamic and constantly changing, a "NO' yesterday maybe a "YES" today, so contact MyVisa to get the latest migration advice. 


And your MyVisa RMA is a post graduate qualified professional registered with OMARA.

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MyVisa Migration Services are located on the Gold Coast, Australia and the Philippines.
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